New Freeciv map generator

I wrote a little c++ source that generates islands for Freeciv that are supposed to be both fair and not boring. The code generates a map size 4 (63x63) for topology 3 (donut) with 30% landmass and 5 players (configured at the top of the source). The generator creates one big island per player with 60% of the landmass, one middle sized island per player unreachable with triremes with 30% of the landmass and 2 little islands per player reachable via trireme with 10% of the landmass.
With the given settings this results in 142 tiles main island, and 2 * 12 tiles little island and 71 tile empty islands per player.

Run with:
g++ -O2 -W -Wall -g -o map && ./map >map.ppm && pnmtopng map.ppm >map.png

size 4 - 5 playersize 30 - 30 player
shade of green Main island of a player and trireme reachable.
white Empty extra islands needing navigation
light blue Water around islands where no extra land may be added
dark blue Open water where more land could be added

Goswin von Brederlow
Last modified: Sat Jun 4 09:40:42 CEST 2005