Debix 0.1

[debix] Copyright © 2003 Goswin von Brederlow

Debix can create a live filesystem from any existing linux system or create a fresh system with debootstrap. By using the device mapper from LVM 2 the live filesystem only needs a new initial ramdisk and otherwise uses the existing system unchanged as loopback image.

When creating a live filesystem from scratch knoppix like autodetection features and the official debian boot-floppies and/or debian-installer can be included to make a more comfortable installation.

Source packages will be available soon below and on Alioth. As of version 0.1 you need to provide a LVM2 capable Linux kernel, modules and a root.tar.bz2 file of an existing linux system in order to use this program, but that will change soon. If you find a bug or have a feature request please send me an email or use the Alioth Tracker for Debix.

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