Debix 0.1

[debix] Copyright © 2003 Goswin von Brederlow

Debix can create a live filesystem from any existing linux system or create a fresh system with debootstrap. By using the device mapper from LVM 2 the live filesystem only needs a new initial ramdisk and otherwise uses the existing system unchanged as loopback image.

When creating a live filesystem from scratch knoppix like autodetection features and the official debian boot-floppies and/or debian-installer can be included to make a more comfortable installation.

Several people asked me for an update of debix because it has been dormant for quite some time. Reasons for this are that I waited for the kernel images to include LVM2 support and had other things taking up my intrest. But since you pushed I invested some time in it again and most of it is now available below and in CVS. I did build images for m68k, alpha, ppc and i386 more elaborate than the one below only to find out that the lvm support in debians kernels is incomplete and they won't boot. I'm trying to solve this soon, maybe switch to 2.6 kernels. But if you have an i386 try out the image below.

Source packages are available on Alioth. As of version 0.2 a LVM2 capable Linux kernel and modules are included but for i386 only. The base system for the live CD is build with cdebootstrap so no more root.tar.bz2 is needed. As soon as the debian kernel images fix their LVM2 support to include snapshots support for !i386 archs can be added. If you have a feature request please send me an email or use the Alioth Tracker for Debix.